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We provide farmers with the tools needed to scale their local farming and crops, we give them an opportunity to produce more and match supply.

Shua Properties

Our building plan covers every aspect, from the foundation design to finishing, every aspect of the plan is thoroughly thought out and researched to guarantee quality and durability.

Enem Properties

Building Design, Making living spaces More Beautiful, With Enem Properties, you get all the best features you expect from anywhere in the world. And moreā€¦


The press, otherwise known as the fourth estate of the realm and further branded the watch dog of the society has since history suffered a deluge of injustices, neglects and persecutions


Saros Education Center offers a variety of services ranging from Homeschooling Consultation to access to our fully equipped homeschooling center by experienced Tutors and Coaches.


We offer a wide array of service to our clients. Promoting comfort, quality and trust are our top notch goals. Our key services include, Real Estate Services, Land sales, Housing Furnishings & Interior Designs, Property development, Estate valuation and surveying

National Detective Magazine

The mission of the National Detective Magazine therefore, is to practice journalism in the professional tradition, in respective of odds, of presenting news and opinions in an impeccable manner with precision

The Learning Ladder Abuja

We appreciate the effort it takes to find a quality Preschool that offers excellent care along with early childhood education. The Learning Ladder Abuja makes this decision an easy one as we focus on innovative strategies that will help the overall development of our kids.

School Management Solution

Mobile App, Web Portal, Attendance Management System, Course Registration, Result checking, Payments, Biometric Registration and Authentication, E-Learning, CBT, Dynamic/Flexible feature integration to suit your unique need

Mutual Savings Platform

Members Enrollment, Savings and contributions, Loan application and approval, Voting system for loan approval

Journalist Global Foundation

The Journalist Global Foundation , in line with the struggle and the furtherance of good governance through effective information and awareness, stands as a watch light in the world of journalism and information to deliver, in time and accurate news to the masses.

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The Presidential Diaries

Since history this authorities have been neck deep in corruption, in-decorum, high handedness and power drunkenness which the press has continuously exposes and the call culprits made to pay for their heinous crimes. This here is one of the many guideline for the Presidential Diaries